Organising awards night and I ordered the plaques

I had to organise the plaques

One of my jobs was to order the plaques

We have a local gaming club and every year I help organise the event, this year I am ordering the awards plaques for the relevant categories. Every year the competition gets more fierce and the battles for supremacy more intense. Do we take it seriously? HELL YEAH!
This year its been a great year for gaming and Destiny has us all hooked but with so many new games out we are never agreed on the best but are agreed on the challenge of winning the best gamer at the awards is no mean feat.
As we have to organise the event the only way of the winners of each category being a secret is the local guy who does all the plaques gets the votes from the judges and works out the winners by totalling up the three judges scores from a shortlist of potential winners. This way literally no-one in the group has any idea who is the winner of any category which makes the night even more special and exciting.

I am on the shortlist for a few of the awards plaques

Its been a good year for me and this year I have managed to get onto three shortlists for awards and although this doesn’t guarantee a thing I am pretty confident I will bag at least one of the three. My competition in all three categories including….wait for it….BEST GAMER 2014 is really very good and its too close to call on any of them but what is cool is that we are going to have an amazing night and no matter who wins what its will be a night amongst great like minded friends that spans a huge geographical area.
With so much kudos for the winners of our plaques it’s little wonder that the banter for weeks before is pretty fierce. The guys and gals use every available network to brag and boast to each other and the ribbing many get is pretty harsh but still funny.
This year is by far the hardest to call for many of the awards we dish out. Normally there is a couple of stand out candidates for prizes but I can’t see them this year.

Who knows if I get one of the plaques

Only time will tell if I get lucky this year and scoop a prize but either way it promises to be a real giggle. Some of the gang have always got something up their sleeve and so you have to be on guard for the whole night. Once the serious business starts of the awards things are generally safe but until them being on yours toes is always the best policy.
Hopefully next year will see bigger and better games and the competition can again improve but for this year I just want to get my hands on at least one of those plaques.