Gambling options that offer virtual money

Online gambling enables players to use virtual money which reduces the burden and risk of carrying cash or real currency, this is why many people love to bet online using theĀ FanDuel sportsbook.

The industry in the UK is estimated to have around 10 billion a year in sales and its future growth could be estimated to be as high as 21 billion by 2017.

Gambling with real money has been legal in the UK since 2005. It has been allowed since the late Eighties as part of the Misuse of Drugs Act. It is illegal to use real money to gamble in casinos in the UK.

The government has considered bringing a bill to remove these restrictions, but has held back from doing so. Gambling regulation is a complex issue and involves a large number of players. The Gambling Commission makes a recommendation for regulation in the form of Gambling Act 2008, with Gambling Commission Bill 2010 due in 2013 and a bill after that is needed to amend the act. There is also the issue of banning all online gambling. Gambling is regulated in Germany as part of the gambling act. The German government has given the Gambling Commission powers to supervise online gambling providers and it has made clear that it will not consider regulating online gaming on its own, unless the government of the country where the operator resides gives the commission permission to do so. In the UK the Gambling Commission makes recommendations for gaming legislation and it has power to recommend to the Home Office whether to make a change to the act or amend the act. Gambling is regulated in the EU as part of the Gambling Act 2008. The UK government has given the Gambling Commission powers to supervise online gaming providers. However, the Gambling Commission has limited power to impose any of these measures and is unable to restrict gambling operators from conducting a business. In other EU countries, for example Austria, a similar approach has been taken, giving the Gambling Commission the powers to regulate the operator of a gambling establishment, but the German Gambling Authority can enforce those provisions in the country where it resides.

The German government has been the main opposition to moves to introduce EU regulation in this area, however.

2.3 What do EU Member States do about illegal gambling?

Each EU Member State has its own legislation regarding illegal gambling. Whilst the Commission has supported a number of initiatives to tackle illegal gambling (including the Gambling Commission), the only way to tackle the problem is to change Member State legislation. There is no agreed legal framework which includes the measures needed to combat illegal gambling in all EU Member States, and so Member States have a range of