About Me

Welcome to my blog

Hi and thanks for stopping on my website there is so much on the internet its great you are spending time reading my stuff. I hope you find it interesting and please feel free to comment on anything you like or don’t like.

I am a gaming addict and love nothing more than spending a few hours on the newest blockbuster game. I am very much a Playstation man at the moment but this changes as the new consoles come out. I am blessed to work in the gaming industry and help develop games and graphics for some of the games you have probably played.

As well as getting paid to fun stuff all day I am also first to see some of the games and even get the first or near to first copy hot of the press, so things don’t get much better at least not in my world.

What happens when I switch off my console

It’s not just about games that would be pretty sad. I love watching football and having a little bet on some of the weekends games. My favourite team is Crystal Palace and I am a season ticket holder that goes to both home and away games and the weekend tends to revolve around watching games and going to the pub.

Not got time for a partner the day job and football tend to take up all my time and having a bet sorts out any spare cash I may have had to spend on a significant other half.

Come back soon

From tips on the latest games to moans about Palace I hope you keep coming back to share in my thoughts and comment on the stuff that you are interested in. I will try to keep the blog updated but if you want a topic covered email across your thoughts.