Organising awards night and I ordered the plaques

I had to organise the plaques

One of my jobs was to order the plaques

We have a local gaming club and every year I help organise the event, this year I am ordering the awards plaques for the relevant categories. Every year the competition gets more fierce and the battles for supremacy more intense. Do we take it seriously? HELL YEAH!
This year its been a great year for gaming and Destiny has us all hooked but with so many new games out we are never agreed on the best but are agreed on the challenge of winning the best gamer at the awards is no mean feat.
As we have to organise the event the only way of the winners of each category being a secret is the local guy who does all the plaques gets the votes from the judges and works out the winners by totalling up the three judges scores from a shortlist of potential winners. This way literally no-one in the group has any idea who is the winner of any category which makes the night even more special and exciting.

I am on the shortlist for a few of the awards plaques

Its been a good year for me and this year I have managed to get onto three shortlists for awards and although this doesn’t guarantee a thing I am pretty confident I will bag at least one of the three. My competition in all three categories including….wait for it….BEST GAMER 2014 is really very good and its too close to call on any of them but what is cool is that we are going to have an amazing night and no matter who wins what its will be a night amongst great like minded friends that spans a huge geographical area.
With so much kudos for the winners of our plaques it’s little wonder that the banter for weeks before is pretty fierce. The guys and gals use every available network to brag and boast to each other and the ribbing many get is pretty harsh but still funny.
This year is by far the hardest to call for many of the awards we dish out. Normally there is a couple of stand out candidates for prizes but I can’t see them this year.

Who knows if I get one of the plaques

Only time will tell if I get lucky this year and scoop a prize but either way it promises to be a real giggle. Some of the gang have always got something up their sleeve and so you have to be on guard for the whole night. Once the serious business starts of the awards things are generally safe but until them being on yours toes is always the best policy.
Hopefully next year will see bigger and better games and the competition can again improve but for this year I just want to get my hands on at least one of those plaques.

Gaming with free bets is great fun

Its hard to decide between my PS4 or free bets I find online

Online gaming with free bets

As the domain suggests I am mad about gaming but getting free bets online to use for playing games like the slots etc is another passion of mine. I find it hard to choose between my new Playstation 4 and getting online to play the slots but enjoy them both for different reasons. Obviously the PS4 goes me a bit of escapism and I can easily lose 3 hours of a day to a new game I get immersed in but the slots where I can actually win a few pounds gives an unrivalled adrenalin buzz that I can’t get enough of.
I have always enjoyed a go on the slot machines when I pop to the pub I will always pop a few pounds in the fruit machine and so moving online was a natural progression for me and as it becomes more popular with loads of new websites launching all the time the free bets offers have got better and better. The sheers range of different games online is mesmerising and whatever you are into I am certain there will be a slots game online that will push your buttons. From the latest blockbuster movie themed slot to a famous super hero or TV show the list is endless and going online means you are spoilt for choice.
I love gaming and the choice in this genre alone is unbelievable, pick a game and game and you will have lots of websites offering a slots game that is themed in the game you love.

Finding good slots websites for free bets

To search for your next free bets offers be specific or you will be face with a list as long as your imagination could think of. I like the slots so search for that rather than just free bets and your list will be more relevant to the things you want to claim the offer on.
If you do do generic searches on Google it is worth checking out the top websites, as I have had welcome bonus free bets from lots of them and allowed me to bet risk free on all manner of different types of gambling including the sport.

I will not advise you any further on your quest for free bets other than to say take your time and pick wisely as once you are signed up with a provider you can not take up another free bets offer with them although some will give you bonuses along the way to keep you coming back for more.

free bets or online gaming

I have to say if I were asked to choose one or the other and could not ever do the other again I would be faced with an impossible decision to make. My gaming does give me a real buzz and I find it a great way to de-stress and relax but the adrenaline pump I get from winning on the slots would be a big loss if I could never feel it again.
I won’t be giving up gaming or free bets soon so with that thought I will leave you to get on with finding your next welcome bonus.

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Gambling options that offer virtual money

Online gambling enables players to use virtual money which reduces the burden and risk of carrying cash or real currency, this is why many people love to bet online using the FanDuel sportsbook.

The industry in the UK is estimated to have around 10 billion a year in sales and its future growth could be estimated to be as high as 21 billion by 2017.

Gambling with real money has been legal in the UK since 2005. It has been allowed since the late Eighties as part of the Misuse of Drugs Act. It is illegal to use real money to gamble in casinos in the UK.

The government has considered bringing a bill to remove these restrictions, but has held back from doing so. Gambling regulation is a complex issue and involves a large number of players. The Gambling Commission makes a recommendation for regulation in the form of Gambling Act 2008, with Gambling Commission Bill 2010 due in 2013 and a bill after that is needed to amend the act. There is also the issue of banning all online gambling. Gambling is regulated in Germany as part of the gambling act. The German government has given the Gambling Commission powers to supervise online gambling providers and it has made clear that it will not consider regulating online gaming on its own, unless the government of the country where the operator resides gives the commission permission to do so. In the UK the Gambling Commission makes recommendations for gaming legislation and it has power to recommend to the Home Office whether to make a change to the act or amend the act. Gambling is regulated in the EU as part of the Gambling Act 2008. The UK government has given the Gambling Commission powers to supervise online gaming providers. However, the Gambling Commission has limited power to impose any of these measures and is unable to restrict gambling operators from conducting a business. In other EU countries, for example Austria, a similar approach has been taken, giving the Gambling Commission the powers to regulate the operator of a gambling establishment, but the German Gambling Authority can enforce those provisions in the country where it resides.

The German government has been the main opposition to moves to introduce EU regulation in this area, however.

2.3 What do EU Member States do about illegal gambling?

Each EU Member State has its own legislation regarding illegal gambling. Whilst the Commission has supported a number of initiatives to tackle illegal gambling (including the Gambling Commission), the only way to tackle the problem is to change Member State legislation. There is no agreed legal framework which includes the measures needed to combat illegal gambling in all EU Member States, and so Member States have a range of